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The Acadia Parish School Board recognizes that from time to time schools must attempt to generate funds to supply needed instructional materials and supplies, as well as provide other benefits to the school and student body.  All fees, fundraising activities, and other sources of student activity funds managed directly by the school shall require approval of the appropriate supervisor.


All teachers, principals, and any other school personnel who handle cash, receipts, or disbursements of school funds shall be required to abide by guidelines established by the Superintendent or his/her designee. 




The Acadia Parish School Board recognizes that citizens, students, Board personnel, other persons and organizations may wish to express support for a particular school or the school system by participating in school-sanctioned fundraising activities.  The School Board shall require that such fundraising projects be conducted so that they do not interfere with educational objectives or community standards.


Fundraising activities include all activities organized, sponsored, or conducted by students and teachers, and shall be limited to those with recognized educational value.  All fundraising activities must be approved by the Superintendent and must have a predetermined need unless the activity is for a charitable purpose.  A Request for Fundraising Activity form shall be submitted outlining the activities.


Fundraisers for charitable activities/purposes shall be limited to no more than two (2), though only one per year is strongly recommended.  The charitable activity(ies) selected are at the discretion of the principal.  The Superintendent shall be informed of such activities.


Funds derived from all sales by students and teachers shall be handled by the secretary/bookkeeper and reported in the quarterly report to the Superintendent.


If admission is charged at an event during the school day, prior authorization from the Supervisor is required.


Schools or organizations allied with the schools are prohibited from conducting popularity contests designed to select queens, or similar celebrities, when the winners are selected on the basis of the number of votes sold or the amount of money raised by the individual contestants.


The Acadia Parish School Board shall match one school general fund fundraising effort per school each year.  The net profit realized by this effort shall be matched at a limit of $5.00 per student based on the October 1st student enrollment of the school as reported to the State Department of Education.  Principals will indicate on the Request for Fundraising Activity form the proposed use of the funds, which will be limited to instruction, general school administration, or facility improvement.  The funds may not be used for extracurricular activities.  Upon completion of the fundraising activity, the principal shall submit to the Business Director a summary of the activity’s revenues and expenditures along with a specific request for matching funds.



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Board minutes, 4-7-97


Acadia Parish School Board