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The Acadia Parish School Board believes that the student activities at school are a vital part of the total educational program and should be used as a means for developing wholesome attitudes and good human relations, as well as knowledge and skills.  The School Board believes that school citizenship, as reflected in student activities, is a measure of the achievement of important school goals.  The School Board recognizes that the greatest values to be derived from both curricular and extracurricular student school activities occur when such activities are developed and encouraged through participation among, or the knowledge of, the student body, interested members in the community, and school staff.


The Board further believes that any program of student activities should:


  1. Require all student participation to be on a voluntary basis;

  2. Require that student activity funds should be used for purposes which benefit the student body of the school; and

  3. Require that the management of student funds be the responsibility of the organizational sponsor and the school administrator.


Acadia Parish School Board