The Acadia Parish School Board may grant leaves of absence to teachers and other employees upon application for leave, subject to such rules and regulations that may be established for the various types of leave.


All leaves must be requested in writing on the Request for Leave form for that purpose. Application for leave must be submitted to the Superintendent or designee well in advance of the anticipated beginning date of leave, whenever possible.


All leaves granted shall be conducted in accordance with state law and pertinent regulations.  Any employee on leave who does not comply fully with the stated intentions and administrative regulations of said leave, may be subject to disciplinary action.


If an employee is absent from duty under circumstances in which he/she is not entitled to any kind of leave, such employee shall be considered to be in violation of his/her contract, is not entitled to be paid for the days of unauthorized absence and non-performance of duties, and may be subject to disciplinary action.


Under no circumstances shall any type leave be granted for purposes of seeking or accepting employment with another school system in this state unless approved by the Superintendent.




No teacher or other employee shall leave the school campus without having first obtained permission from the principal or designee.  Teachers shall be required to sign out, stating the reason for leaving school.  Upon returning, the teacher shall sign back in and note the time of his/her return.  An employee's immediate supervisor may authorize an absence during the business day.  The Superintendent or designee must grant permission for a period of one day or more.




Any employee who is absent from work and who has not received an authorized leave shall be considered on unauthorized leave.  Any employee on unauthorized leave shall receive no pay for those days which constituted the unauthorized leave and may be subject to dismissal and/or other disciplinary actions.




The following reasons will be considered as authorized absences for employees by the Acadia Parish School Board.  Absences for any other reasons may be considered as unauthorized absences, resulting in the employee being docked full pay for the time reported.


  1. Personal illness

  2. Personal leave

  3. Perfect attendance leave

  4. Military leave

  5. Workers' compensation

  6. Jury duty

  7. Court summons

  8. Approved school business


All absences of one (1) hour or more shall be reported by the immediate supervisor and shall be recorded and counted toward an employee's leave time.  However, the immediate supervisor shall be allowed to record and count less than one (1) hour if an employee is prone to abuse leave policies.  When an employee has accumulated four (4) hours, one-half (2) day shall be reported on the absence form that is sent to the Central Office.


Absences due to extenuating circumstances may be brought before the Acadia Parish School Board.




The School Board may grant any employee of the school system leave from work of up to a total of sixteen (16) hours during any twelve (12) month period to attend, observe, or participate in conferences or classroom activities related to the employee's dependent children for whom he/she is the legal guardian that are conducted at the child's school or day care center, if the conferences or classroom activities cannot reasonably be scheduled during the non-work hours of the employee.  An employee who wishes to request such leave shall provide a reasonable notice to the employer prior to the leave and make a reasonable effort to schedule the leave so as not to unduly disrupt the operations of the employer. 


The School Board is not required to pay an employee for any time taken as leave for conferences and school activities.  However, an employee shall be permitted to substitute any accrued vacation time or other appropriate paid leave for any leave taken as provided here.



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