Teachers and other employees of the Acadia Parish School Board, except those who receive annual leave (vacation time), shall be allowed up to two (2) days absence during each school year to be used for such purposes as may be determined by the individual employee without loss of pay.  Personal leave days shall be charged to and deducted from current and/or accumulated sick leave as of the date personal leave is taken.  Personal leave shall not be accumulated from year to year, nor shall personal leave be compensated for upon death or retirement or paid in any other manner except as provided by law.


Persons wishing to take personal leave shall notify the principal of the school in which he/she is employed or his/her staff supervisor of his/her intention to take such personal leave at least twenty-four (24) hours before personal leave will be taken, except in emergency situations.  All employees requesting personal leave must submit a Request for Leave form to the principal/immediate supervisor for approval.



Ref:     La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยงยง17:1208, 17:1208.1

Board minutes, 6-6-94


Acadia Parish School Board