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Solicitation of contributions from employees on a system-wide basis shall not be permitted except by permission of the Acadia Parish School Board or the Superintendent or designee.




No sales representative will be allowed to distribute materials or address any meeting of teaching or non-teaching personnel except for after school meetings called and controlled by an employee organiza­tion or association.


No sales representative shall be allowed to contact any school personnel on the school premises, except as stated above.


Should any sales representative wish to make a presentation or distribute materials, the following procedure will be observed:


  1. Sales representatives shall obtain permission from the Superintendent to conduct meetings in the central office or school. These meetings may be held only with specific permission of Superintendent of Schools.

  2. Meetings will not take place during regular working hours.

  3. Attendance at such meetings will be voluntary.


These regulations do not apply to textbooks, educational programs, or other new programs which have been formally adopted by the School Board for inclusion in the school system.



Ref:     La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §17:81


Acadia Parish School Board