33:1324  Grant of authority to parishes, municipalities, police juries, harbor districts and terminal districts to act jointly


Any parish, municipality or political subdivision of the state, or any combination thereof, may make agreements between or among themselves to engage jointly in the construction, acquisition or improvement of any public project or improvement, the promotion and maintenance of any undertaking or the exercise of any power, provided that at least one of the participants to the agreement is authorized under a provision of general or special law to perform such activity or exercise such power as may be necessary for completion of the undertaking.  Such arrangements may provide for the joint use of funds, facilities, personnel or property or any combination thereof necessary to accomplish the purposes of the agreement, and such agreements may include but are not limited to activities concerning:


(1) Police, fire and health protection.


(2) Public utility services, such as water, electricity, gas, roads, bridges, causeways, tunnels, ferries and other highway facilities, and public transportation.


(3) Sewers, drains and garbage and other refuse collection and disposal.


(4) The construction or acquisition or improvement, and operation, repair and maintenance of public projects or improvements, whether or not rentals or other charges are fixed and collected for the use thereof, including but not being limited to roads, bridges, tunnels, causeways, ferries and other highway facilities, water systems, electric systems, sewer systems, drainage systems, incinerators and garbage collections and disposal systems, and public transportation systems.


(5) Recreational and educational facilities, such as playgrounds, recreation centers, parks and libraries.


(6) Flood control, drainage, and reclamation projects.


(7) Purchase of materials, supplies and equipment for use in the maintenance of governmental services authorized under this part or under any other general or special law.


(8) The construction, operation and maintenance of canals, ship channels, or portions of canals or ship channels, or a branch of a canal or ship channel, to be constructed, widened, deepened or improved by or under the authority of the United States for the purpose of transportation, including the giving of assurances by the said agencies to the United States of America to hold and save the United States of America free from any and all damages or claims of whatever nature or kind due to the construction, maintenance and operation of said canals or ship channels by the United States of America.


(9) The reassessment or reappraisal of property subject to ad valorem taxation in the parishes of East Baton Rouge, Jefferson, and Orleans, in which event each party to the agreement is hereby authorized to contribute any portion of its funds as are deemed necessary to accomplish such activity, notwithstanding any previous law or parts of law in conflict herewith.


Amended by Acts 1954, No. 665, § 2;  Acts 1956, No. 263, § 1;  Acts 1960, No. 91, § 1;  Acts 1972, No. 100, § 1;  Acts 1978, No. 244, § 1, eff. July 5, 1978;  Acts 2011, 1st Ex.Sess., No. 20, § 1.