17:4002.2  Legislative findings


The legislature finds and declares that:


(1) It is in the public interest that all Louisiana school children have access to the type and format of education that best meets the needs of the individual student, that each student has different needs that merit a variety of course choices on the individual student level, and that the state has the right, responsibility, duty, and obligation to accomplish the objective of a quality, individualized education for all Louisiana children.


(2) Enrollment of children in course work offered by course providers is in compliance with the objectives of Louisiana's compulsory attendance law;  course providers in Louisiana make a significant educational and economic contribution towards meeting the goal of a quality, individualized education for every Louisiana school child;  and Louisiana has recognized and encouraged that contribution through online education and dual enrollment in postsecondary education institutions for many years.


(3) Effective course providers exist in Louisiana.


(4) Course providers can offer a quality, individualized education to students and it is in the public interest to offer students the means of accessing the educational opportunities offered by course providers by providing students with the public funds allocated to them from local and state sources to enroll in such courses.


(5) Postsecondary education institutions can serve as quality course providers for students who seek advanced level course work or technical or vocational instruction.


(6) Online or virtual course providers can serve as quality course providers for students who desire additional access to high quality courses, especially but not limited to students enrolled in low-performing public schools, students who for reasons of geography may not be able to exercise their right to educational choice, and students who may desire an alternative schooling schedule or calendar.


(7) Business and industry can serve as quality course providers that offer course work in their particular field or expertise with the goal of increasing the skilled workforce required for a robust Louisiana economy.


Added by Acts 2012, No. 2, ยง 1.