Title 17. Education

Chapter 28. Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium for Research and Education


17:3454         Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium for Research and Education; governance, funding


A. The Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium for Research and Education shall be subject to the governance of the Board of Regents. The board shall serve as fiscal agent for the consortium and shall review and approve the consortium’s budgetary request and operating budget and shall review and approve all funds appropriately awarded or bequeathed to the consortium. All funds appropriated to the consortium shall be appropriated as a separate line item within the appropriation of the Board of Regents. 


B. As the governing body of the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium for Research and Education, the board shall have authority to: 


(1) Sue and be sued, including the right to recover all debts owing to the consortium, and to retain legal counsel therefor. 


(2) Actively seek and accept donations, bequests, or other forms of financial assistance for educational purposes from any public or private person or agency and comply with rules and regulations governing grants from the federal government or any other person or agency which are not in contravention of the constitution and laws of the state of Louisiana. 


(3) Determine the fees which shall be paid by students. 


(4) Purchase land and purchase or construct buildings necessary for the use of the consortium in accordance with applicable laws; provided that all valid campsite leases dated on or before April 16, 1979, including the option to extend the leases for an additional ten-year period, as provided for in R.S. 41:1211 et seq., shall remain in full force and effect. 


(5) Purchase equipment, properly maintain, and make improvements to facilities necessary for the use of the consortium in accordance with applicable state laws. 


(6)(a) Except as otherwise provided in this Chapter, approve the appointment of such administrative officers and other personnel as the board deems necessary and designate their titles. In making its appointments, the board shall give consideration to the recommendations of the executive director and, in proper cases, to the head of any college or university affected by an appointment. Appointments of classified employees shall be in conformity with applicable civil service laws, rules, and regulations. 


(b) The compensation of all officers and employees, except those classified civil service employees, shall be fixed by the board and the officers so appointed shall serve at the pleasure of the board. 


(7) Formulate curricula and programs of study. 


(8) Adopt, amend, or repeal rules and regulations necessary or proper for the business of the consortium. 


(9) Affiliate with any institution giving any special course of instruction, upon such terms as the board deems expedient, which terms may include the retention by such institution of the control of property, faculty, and staff. 


(10) Enter into contracts and agreements with other public agencies with respect to cooperative enterprises and undertakings relating to or associated with college or university purposes and programs in accordance with applicable laws. 


(11) Perform such other functions as are necessary or incidental to the supervision and management of the consortium. 


(12) Employ the proceeds of all donations, grants, subscriptions, and bequests made to the consortium so as to effect the purposes of and in accordance with the terms and conditions of such donations, grants, subscriptions, and bequests. 


(13) Establish such subcommittees as may be necessary to assist the board in the implementation of the provisions of this Chapter. 


(14) Adopt necessary rules and regulations regarding the hours of employment and the accrual and use of sick leave and annual leave for all personnel employed by the consortium. 


C. The board may enter into contracts and agreements with any public agency for the establishment of state or other public offices on the property and in the buildings belonging to or under the control of the consortium. The board also may enter into contracts and agreements for joint construction, equipment, maintenance, and financing of such buildings, and enter into contracts and agreements for the joint financing, supervision, and conduct of cooperative enterprises and undertakings. 


D. The liability of any of the acts of the consortium or any of its employees, or persons associated with any property of the consortium, shall be the liability of the consortium as represented by the board. 


Added by Acts 1979, No. 557, § 1. Amended by Acts 1995, No. 1243, § 1, eff. June 29, 1995; Acts 2016, No. 314, § 1(A).