17:3123.2      Internet broadcast of board and committee meetings;  archives


A. The board shall broadcast over the Internet live audio and video streams of all its board and committee meetings held in Baton Rouge.


B. All meetings broadcast in accordance with Subsection A of this Section shall be recorded, archived, and made accessible to the public for at least one year after the date of the meeting.


C. The provisions of this Section shall apply to all meetings of the board and its committees, but shall not apply to executive sessions held in accordance with the Louisiana Open Meetings Law as provided in R.S. 42:11 et seq.


D. The audio and video records created pursuant to this Section shall not be construed in a manner to be the official record, or any part of the official record, of the proceedings of a meeting of the board or any of its committees.


E. If the board is precluded from fulfilling the requirements of this Section due to a technical problem beyond its control, or when the only meeting room available lacks the equipment necessary to facilitate Internet broadcast, the failure to broadcast or record the proceedings of a meeting of the board or any of its committees shall not be construed to be a violation of the provisions of this Section.


Added by Acts 2010, No. 696, ยง 1, eff. Jan. 1, 2011.