Title 17. Education

Chapter 22-B. Louisiana Student Tuition Assistance and Revenue Trust

Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve Program

17:3100.8       Louisiana Education and Tuition Savings Fund; use


A. The assets of the authority reserved for payment of the obligations of the authority pursuant to its agreements with account owners shall be placed in the Louisiana Education Tuition and Savings Fund created pursuant to R.S. 17:3129.4(C). Funds received by the authority from persons making deposits in their education savings accounts, all interest and investment income earned by the fund, and all other receipts of the authority from any other source which the authority determines appropriate shall be deposited in the fund. Any claim for redemption or withdrawal pursuant to an education savings account owner’s agreement shall be solely against the assets of the fund. No account owner or beneficiary of an education savings account shall have any claim against the state general fund or other funds or revenue sources of the state, or against the funds of any elementary or secondary school. 


B. Unless otherwise provided by the authority, the assets of the START K12 Program in the Tuition and Savings Fund shall be expended in the following order: 


(1) To make payments to beneficiaries or elementary or secondary schools on behalf of beneficiaries. 


(2) To make refunds. 


C. Notwithstanding the provisions of any other law, if at any time the amount in the Tuition and Savings Fund is insufficient to meet the payment demands made upon the fund which represent obligations listed in Subsection B of this Section, then the funds necessary to meet these payment obligations in full shall be appropriated. 


D. All disbursements from the program shall be made by the treasurer on order of the authority. 


E. The treasurer shall cause the investment of the assets of the program in the fund and, notwithstanding R.S. 17:3129.4(C), may cause investment in any investments in which public retirement boards are authorized by law to invest, provided that up to one hundred percent of deposits to an education savings account may be invested in equity securities when an account owner has selected an equity investment option and that such investments in equity securities shall not be included in any limitation on investment in equity securities. The instruments of title of all investments shall be delivered to the state treasurer or to a qualified trustee designated by him. Assets of the program in the fund shall be administered by the treasurer so that the assets will achieve the highest possible investment return to education savings accounts consistent with the security of principal, and be sufficient to satisfy the obligations of the authority. 


F. The authority shall maintain an individual account for each account owner’s agreement showing the beneficiary of that agreement and the accumulated value of the principal deposited and interest earned on deposits pursuant to that agreement. Upon request of any beneficiary or person who has entered into an account owner’s agreement, the authority shall provide a statement indicating, in the case of a beneficiary or in the case of a person who has entered into an account owner’s agreement, the accumulated value of the principal deposited, interest earned on deposits, and the amounts used or refunded, pursuant to the agreement. A beneficiary and an account owner may request a statement under this Subsection at any time, subject to any fee that the authority may impose for requests in excess of one per year. 


G. In January of each year, the authority shall report to each person who received any payment or refund from the authority during the preceding year information relative to the value of such payment or refund. 


H. All records of the authority indicating the identity of owners and beneficiaries of education savings accounts and the amounts used or refunded under an account owner’s agreement are not public records. 


Added by Acts 2018, No. 687, § 2, eff. May 30, 2018.