17:2196.7      Refunding bonds, state treasurer approval; prescription

  The issuing board is hereby authorized to issue bonds under the provisions of this SubPart for the purpose of refunding any bonds issued hereunder at or prior to maturity thereof or any date upon which such bonds shall be redeemable according to their terms, which bonds shall be secured by a pledge of the avails of corporation franchise tax, which refunding bonds shall rank on a parity with all other bonds issued under the authority of this SubPart; provided, however, that the principal amount of such refunding bonds maturing in any year shall not exceed the principal amount of the bonds to be refunded which would have matured in such year, and provided further, that such refunding bonds shall mature on or prior to the final maturity date of any of the bonds issued hereunder. Such refunding bonds may be exchanged par for par for the bonds so refunded or may be sold in the manner herein provided for the sale of of bonds issued under the authority of this SubPart. Issuing board shall file with the state treasurer a certified copy of the resolution or resolutions authorizing the issuance and fixing the form and details of the bonds or other obligations issued under the authority of this SubPart. State Treasurer shall review such resolution or resolutions to determine if requirements of the next to the last sentence of R.S. 17:2196.4 and the requirements of R.S. 17:2196.6 have been complied with. State treasurer may hold in abeyance approving or disapproving proposed resolution or resolutions pending receipt of sealed bids for the sale of bonds. No bid for purchase of bonds shall be accepted by board until State Treasurer shall have approved such resolution or resolutions. State Treasurer shall endorse on any resolution or resolutions approved by him under this Section, date said resolution or resolutions are approved by him, and for a period of thirty days after such date of approval any person in interest shall have the right to institute an appropriate action or proceeding to contest the validity of the bonds therein authorized, or the dedication of avails of the annual corporation franchise tax pledged to the payment of the principal of and interest on the bonds, all as herein provided, or any other provisions of such resolution. If no such action or proceedings shall have been instituted within such thirty day period, the authority to issue the bonds, the validity of the dedication and the pledge of the corporation franchise tax avails, the expenditure of the proceeds derived from the sale of said bonds for the purpose herein provided, and the validity of all of the provisions of such resolution and of the proceedings in connection with the authorization and issuance of the bonds shall be conclusively presumed, and no court shall have authority to inquire into such matters.

Added by Acts 1966, No. 376, Sec. 1.