6:703      Definitions


When used in this Chapter, the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings, unless the context otherwise requires:


(1) "Association" means a savings association, thrift institution, homestead, building and loan association, savings and loan association, or society, including both capital stock and mutual associations.  The term shall also include associations organized and chartered under the Louisiana Homestead and Building and Loan Law or those existing prior to July 27, 1932.


(2) "Affiliate" of an association means any corporation, business trust, association, or other similar organization:


(a) Of which an association directly or indirectly, owns or controls either a majority of the voting shares or more than fifty percent of the number of shares voted for the election of its directors, trustees, or other persons exercising similar functions at the preceding election, or controls in any manner the election of a majority of its directors, trustees, or other persons exercising similar functions.


(b) Of which control is held, directly or indirectly through stock ownership or in any other manner by the stockholders of an association who own or control either a majority of the shares of such association or more than fifty percent of the number of shares voted for the election of directors of such association at the preceding election, or by trustees for the benefit of the shareholders of any such association.


(c) Of which a majority of its directors, trustees, or other persons exercising similar functions are directors of any one association.


(3)(a) "Capital stock association" means an association, not in the mutual form, having capital stock ownership.


(b) "Mutual association" means an association, not having capital stock ownership and operating in the mutual form.


(4) "Commissioner" means the commissioner of financial institutions, of the state of Louisiana, in his capacity as supervisor of associations.


(5) "Demand account" means an account payable on demand which is not a savings account.


(6) "Depositor" means a holder of a savings, demand, or other type of deposit account of an association.


(7) "Direct-reduction loan" means a loan or other obligation repayable in consecutive installments, sufficient to retire the debt, principal and interest, within a certain stated or specified period of time.


(8) "Financial institution" means a thrift institution, association, commercial bank, or trust company.


(9) "Gross negligence" means a reckless disregard of, or a carelessness amounting to indifference to, the best interests of the financial institution or the shareholders thereof, and involves a substantial deviation below the standard of care expected to be maintained by a reasonably careful person under like circumstances.


(10) "Impaired condition" means a condition in which the assets of an association in the aggregate do not have a fair value equal to the aggregate amount of liabilities of the association.


(11) "Insured association" means an association, the savings accounts or shares of which are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or its successor.


(12) "Liquid assets" means cash on hand;  cash on deposit in federal home loan banks, federal reserve banks, in banks performing similar reserve functions, in commercial banks, or associations, which is withdrawable upon not more than thirty days notice, and which is not pledged as security for indebtedness, except that any deposits in a bank or association under the control or in the possession of any supervisory authority shall not be considered as liquid assets;  and obligation of, or obligations which are fully guaranteed as to principal and interest by, the United States, this state, or municipalities or political subdivisions of this state, or any other obligation approved by the commissioner.


(13)(a) "Member" means a person or entity holding a savings or demand account of or shares of a mutual association, and may include a person borrowing from or assuming or obligated upon a loan or interest therein held by such association if such is authorized by the charter or the bylaws of the association.  A joint relationship, whether of savers or borrowers, constitutes a single membership.


(b) "Stockholder" means the owner of one or more shares of any class of capital stock of a capital stock association.


(14) "One borrower" means any person or entity which is, or which upon the making of a loan becomes, an obligor on a real estate loan or otherwise an obligor to the association, either directly or indirectly.


(15) "Real estate loan" means any loan or other obligation secured, as provided for in this Chapter, by immovable property held in full ownership or under a lease extending or renewable automatically for a period of at least five years beyond the date scheduled for the final principal payment of such loan or obligation, or any transaction out of which a mortgage or vendor's privilege is created against such immovable property including but not limited to the purchase of such real estate by an association and the concurrent or immediate sale thereof on installment contract.


(16) "Savings account" means an account to which earnings, including interest, is paid or accrued.  Stock in a capital stock association shall not be deemed a savings account.


(17)(a) "Share" means any share, certificate, security, account, or other evidence of funds invested in a mutual association by a member thereof, other than a savings or demand account.


(b) "Stock" means capital stock of a capital stock association.


(18) "Savings liability" means the aggregate amount of savings accounts of depositors and shares of members, plus earnings credited to such accounts, less redemptions and withdrawals.


(19) "Service organization" means a corporation in which the shares of stock may be owned by one or more associations, financial institutions, or other persons.


(20) "Thrift institution" means an association, a homestead association, society or company, a savings and loan association, a building and loan association, a savings association, a foreign savings association, a federal savings association, a federal savings and loan association, a federal savings bank, or a supervised thrift and residential financing institution of a substantially similar nature.


(21) "Unsafe and unsound condition" means the inability of an association to meet its withdrawal requests or the association having violated its charter.


(22) "Withdrawal value" means the amount credited to the shares of a member or to a savings or demand account, less lawful deductions therefrom, as shown on the records of the association.


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