All personnel of the Acadia Parish School Board should be responsible for the supervision of students during the school day and for a reasonable period of time before and after school.  Every staff member must share the responsibility of supervising students during regular class periods, while students are moving to and from the restrooms, cafeterias, other classrooms (gymnasiums) and assemblies, and before and after the school day.


Supervision outside the classroom is necessary to protect the physical safety of the students.  Each principal shall be responsible for drawing up a list of supervisory duties and assigning staff members within the building to cover them.  The duties specifically must include: lunch, recess, hall monitoring, bus duties as well as other duties peculiar to particular building or educational level.  The number of staff members required for a particular duty or set of duties shall be determined by the principal.  The principal shall assign duties equitably among all staff members.


The School Board expects all students to be under assigned adult supervision at all times when they are in school, on school grounds, traveling under school auspices, or engaging in school-sponsored activities.  No teacher or other staff member shall leave his or her assigned group unsupervised except when arrangements have been made to take care of an emergency.


During school hours, or while engaging in school-sponsored activities, students shall be released only into the custody of parents or other authorized persons.  The school administrator shall ensure that anyone who wishes to contact a student during the school day is doing so for proper reasons.



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยง17:81


Acadia Parish School Board