The Acadia Parish In-School Suspension Program shall be conducted by full-time staff members or paraprofessionals who provide direct supervision of the students. In-school suspension shall be used to remove a student from his/her normal classroom setting while continuing to provide instruction to the student and maintaining the student under school system supervision in an alternative setting.  The program is used to stress that each school is making a concerned effort to deal with its discipline and behavioral problems on an in-school suspension basis.  It is an alternative to an out-of-school suspension.


Students assigned in-school suspension are considered present for attendance purposes. The student may receive assignments given in class, take tests, and receive credit for all work completed while assigned to the center.




The following guidelines/procedures will be adhered to by all In-School Suspension Programs:


  1. Students may be assigned to in-school suspension for violation of school rules/procedures which are minor and not flagrant or habitual.  Assignments are to be made by administrative personnel only and shall include parental contact.

  2. Each time a student is assigned to in-school suspension an entry shall be made on the computerized school discipline program and/or the in-school suspension record card. The following information shall be entered for each referral:  the disciplinary infraction, the date, the teacher making the referral, and action taken by the administrator handling the assignment.

  3. According to the severity of the referral, students assigned to in-school suspension will be recommended for counseling services.

  4. Teachers are to be notified of the in-school suspension assignment.  Class assignments are to be provided to the student in the program.

  5. Students shall not be allowed to talk, sleep, put their heads on the desk/tables, eat, drink, or cause distractions that interfere with normal operation of the program.

  6. Students refusing to do assigned work or causing disruptions in the program be issued an out-of-school suspension.

  7. Students shall report on time, with books, pen or pencil, notebooks, and any materials needed.

  8. Student shall work on assignments while in the program and shall be responsible for returning the completed assignments to the respective teachers.

  9. Students assigned to in-school suspension shall not leave during their assigned time for athletic or music events, for field trips, or for extra­curricular activity.

  10. Students assigned to the program shall not leave during their assigned time unless accompanied by the supervisor.

  11. Students who are absent or sign out during in-school suspension must make up the time missed upon their return to school.

  12. Students shall, receive an out-of-school suspension after repeated referrals to the program.


Each school shall conduct a quarterly assessment of its In-School Suspension Program by reporting the total number of students assigned, names of teachers making referrals, infractions, number of times said student is referred, and the number of suspensions received.



No student shall be assigned "lines” or copying irrelevant material as a punitive measure.



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§17:81, 17:224, 17:416, 17:416.2

Board minutes, 7-7-97


Acadia Parish School Board