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The Acadia Parish School Board recognizes that an effective educational program is one that provides varied opportunities for students to meet their respective needs and interests in pursuit of accumulating credit for their eventual graduation from high school.  Each school’s instructional program shall be characterized by well-defined instructional objectives and systematic planning which reflects the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education approved statewide course content standards.  Assessment of student performance shall be conducted in each course of instructional level, and mastery of concepts and skills shall be verified.


Students may earn Carnegie credit as middle or high school students in two (2) ways:


  1. By passing a course in which the student is enrolled and meeting instructional time requirements, as set forth below; or

  2. By demonstrating proficiency as set forth below.


When awarding credit based on instructional time, the School Board shall provide a minimum of 7,965 instructional minutes, and students shall be in attendance for a minimum of 7,715 minutes, to earn one (1) Carnegie credit.  In order to grant one-half (½) Carnegie credit, the School Board shall provide a minimum of 3,983 minutes and students shall be in attendance for a minimum of 3,758 minutes.


When awarding Carnegie credit based on demonstrated proficiency for any student or group of students, the School Board shall provide the Louisiana Department of Education with the following information:


  1. The name of the examination used to measure proficiency, if nationally recognized; or

  2. A copy of the examination used to measure proficiency, if locally developed or not nationally recognized and the score required to demonstrate proficiency; or

  3. A listing of requirements to demonstrate proficiency through portfolio submissions.


Proficiency in a course with a state administered End of Course exam must be demonstrated using the End of Course exam.  The Louisiana Department of Education may require revisions of assessments in order to ensure that they adequately measure proficiency.


Students meeting the requirements for Carnegie credit based on proficiency shall have the course title, the year proficiency was demonstrated, and the unit of credit earned entered on their transcript.


New policy:  November 5, 2018



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§17:10.1, 17:24.4, 17:81

Louisiana Handbook for School Administrators, Bulletin 741, Louisiana Department of Education

Board minutes, 11-5-18


Acadia Parish School Board