The Acadia Parish School Board recognizes that volunteers can make many valuable contributions to the school.  Therefore, the Board welcomes volunteers and endorses a Volunteer Program in the district, subject to suitable regulations and safeguards, to be promulgated by the Superintendent or staff, in cooperation with the schools.


Appropriate effort shall be made to incorporate the use of school volunteers into all schools as well as any or all other programs or activities of the school district.


The School Board's Volunteer Program shall meet certain requirements, including, but not limited to the following:


  1. Every volunteer permitted to assist personnel in any school related program shall sign a volunteer behavior agreement stating that he/she understands and will abide by all policies, regulations, and procedures of the School Board.

  2. The agreement shall include a statement that the volunteer shall not abuse any child or student by physical or emotional means or commit any criminal act involving a minor student.

  3. If requested by Acadia Parish School Board, a volunteer must agree to undergo an extensive criminal background check as required by statute in order to continue as a volunteer

  4. Every volunteer shall agree not to use alcohol or illegal drugs or be under the influence of alcohol or any drug while volunteering in any school-related program.



Ref:     La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยงยง15:587, 15:587.1, 17:15, 17:81


Acadia Parish School Board