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The Acadia Parish School Board encourages teachers to discuss their instructional supply needs with their librarian, principal, or principal's designee.  The principal and teachers will determine an appropriate list of supplemental material based on quality, reputation and significance of author, readability and appeal, format and price.




The primary objective in using audio/visual materials is to implement, enrich, and support the instructional program of the school.  All such material should be shown with a purpose and relate specifically to stated goals and objectives of a given lesson.


The School Board recognizes that the teachers have the primary responsibility for the selection and use of audio/visual materials in the classroom.  In exercising responsible judgment and selecting appropriate materials for use from among the array of such materials available, teachers should assure that the materials appropriately implement or enrich the course of study and relate to the stated objectives of the lesson and that the content appropriate to the age level of the students.


All audio-visual material shall be previewed by the teacher before use with students.  This includes any audio-visual material brought in from outside sources (or presenters) for presentation to students.  Use of any audio-visual materials shall be documented in lesson plans, including title and type of audio-visual, and must directly relate to objectives of the lesson.


No member of any school staff shall use the VCR and/or TV for his/her own recreation during the school day.  Use of the VCR and/or the TV shall be limited to classrooms, libraries, and auditoriums (or large meeting areas) and only in compliance with this policy.


Acadia Parish School Board