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The Acadia Parish School Board shall authorize the Superintendent to develop and maintain an appropriate process for evaluating and recommending to the School Board for adoption all textbooks and other instructional materials that support the needs of students.  Textbooks and other materials may be selected from a list provided by the Louisiana Department of Education, or the School Board may select textbooks or materials not on the list, provided those textbooks or materials have been reviewed by committee(s) appointed by the Superintendent, composed of classroom teachers or other educators who are employed in Louisiana public schools, parents of Louisiana public school students, and other persons in Louisiana who have an interest or knowledge of the curriculum or subject matter under consideration.  The School Board shall provide an opportunity for parents and patrons to review and provide input of textbooks and materials under consideration prior to adoption by the School Board.




Immediately following the School Board adoption, copies of the Textbooks and Supplementary Materials Form will be distributed listing all texts and supportive materials approved for use in Acadia Parish schools for the following school year.  Completion of this form provides valuable information needed in planning for the next school year.  The difference between the number of books available and those needed, represents the requirements for the next ordering cycle.  Submission of this form indicating 1) beginning balance for the number and value of texts, 2) gains and losses of each, and 3) end balances for the number and value of these items, will provide the necessary information for inventory reporting.




School orders for submission to the depository or publishers will be prepared at the central office using the inventory lists showing a school's needs.  Each school will be furnished a copy of the orders that have been placed, so that the principal will be aware of exactly what has been ordered.  Orders will be placed in the spring prior to the close of the school year, so that orders can be received before the opening of the new school year.


Additional needs for texts can be requested by submitting a Textbook Issue Slip or Request for Textbooks Form showing the needed texts.  Upon receipt of this request, the following procedure will be followed:


  1. Books are issued from warehouse inventory.

  2. Extra books are called in from another school in the parish or from another parish.

  3. Books are ordered from a company handling used books that are no longer on state adoption list, if funds are available.

  4. Materials are ordered from the depository, if funds are available.




Textbooks will be centrally received and checked for distribution to indicated schools.  A Textbook Issue Slip or Request Form signed by personnel at a school will serve as a receipt.




Textbooks and supplementary materials, when not in use, should be stored in an area that will provide adequate security from theft and protection from damage.  Materials should be arranged in a manner that will facilitate inventorying.


Revised:  November 5, 2018



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยง17:351.1

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Acadia Parish School Board