The Acadia Parish School Board shall grant annual leave to all twelve (12) month full-time employees.  Annual leave shall be earned on a fiscal year basis in accordance with the schedule outlined as follows:


Employees with: 

Annual Leave Days 


less than 6 months 

0 days

  0 hours

6 months up to 1 year 

5 days

 40 hours

1 year up to 5 years   

10 days

 80 hours

6 years

11 days

 88 hours

7 years 

12 days

 96 hours

8 years 

13 days

104 hours

9 years

14 days

112 hours

10 years

15 days

120 hours


Annual leave will normally be taken during school vacation time unless otherwise authorized by the Superintendent.  Unused annual leave may be accumulated up to a maximum of forty (40) days.


Upon retirement or termination of employment, the employee may choose to be paid for any unused accumulated annual leave days or convert such unused accumulated annual leave to service credit for retirement purposes, in which case such conversion shall be governed by applicable statutes and/or rules and regulations of the respective retirement system.


Any unused annual leave paid at the time of separation (termination, resignation, retirement, entrance into DROP, or death) shall be paid to the employee or his/her heirs on or before the next regular payday for the pay cycle during which the employee was working at the time of separation or no later than fifteen (15) days following the date of separation, whichever occurs first, at the employee's daily rate of pay.


Principals are to submit a schedule of the time that they plan to be at their schools during the summer.  This applies to 10-month and 11-month principals.  Principals employed for 12 months are to schedule their vacations with the Superintendent's approval.


Any employee transferring into a full-time 12-month position may use previous years of experience applied to the chart above to determine vacation time.


Part-time 12-month employees will have vacation time in direct proportion to hours worked.  The "Hours" section of the chart above will be used to calculate vacation time as follows:


            Number of hours worked per week ) 40 hrs. =      %


                % X "Hours" on chart according to years of experience.


            Example: An employee works 9 hours a week and has 8 years of experience.


            9 ) 40 = 23% or .23

            .23 X 104 ("Hours" from chart) = 24 hrs. vacation time




Any employee of the Acadia Parish School Board who participates in the Deferred Retirement Option Program (DROP) shall be eligible for and may elect to receive on a one-time basis payment for unused annual leave upon entering DROP on the same basis as any other employee who retires or otherwise leaves employment; otherwise, any accrued unused annual leave shall be paid only upon final retirement of the employee.


Revised:  November, 2003



Ref:     La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยงยง11:754, 11:786, 11:788, 17:81, 17:425.1, 23:631

Board minutes, 11-7-94, 3-1-04


Acadia Parish School Board