The Acadia Parish School Board shall require eligible employees to be compensated for any work beyond forty (40) hours per week. Eligible employees shall be compensated for overtime by receiving compensatory time at the rate of one and one-half (12) times the overtime hours worked.  Hours worked shall mean the actual hours worked during the work week, excluding vacation, holiday, and sick leave.


The eligible employee's immediate supervisor shall approve in writing up to but not more than five (5) hours of overtime work per month.  Overtime work in excess of 5 hours per month shall be approved by the Superintendent or his/her designee prior to the work being performed, except in emergencies.


The Acadia Parish School Board directs that eligible support personnel not engaged in public safety or emergency response activities who have accrued over 240 approved hours of compensatory time shall be paid overtime compensation for the additional overtime hours of work, in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act.


Eligible employees are defined as those employees who have been classified as nonexempt for purposes of overtime compensation in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act.




In the interest of completing maintenance work in a timely and efficient manner, and to make the best use of the limited workforce, and to prevent the disruption of the educational process, emergency overtime shall be provided for the maintenance crew as follows:




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Board minutes, 5-3-99


Acadia Parish School Board