The Acadia Parish School Board recognizes the importance of protecting the health and welfare of students, teachers, and other employees of the educational system from the spread of communicable diseases.  The transfer of certain diseases by contact with body fluids may pose a health risk to students, teachers and employees. Therefore, decisions regarding the type of educational and care setting for an infected person should be based on the behavior, neurologic development, and physical interaction with others in that setting.  The risk in the school setting should also be considered since children may have a greater risk of encountering infectious agents in a school setting than at home.




If an employee of the Acadia Parish School Board is medically diagnosed as having a disease which is infectious or contagious, such as AIDS or Hepatitis C, the continued attendance of the employee at work will be determined by the Superintendent of the Acadia Parish School Board.  His/her decision is to be based upon a written report from the employee's physician addressing the risks and benefits to both the infected employee and to others in the work environment and stating that the employee's health/safety allows such attendance.  It must also take into account the behavior, neurological development and physical condition of the employee, as well as the expected type of interaction of the employee with others with whom the employee comes into contact should be set forth.  Prior to making a decision, the Superintendent may consult another physician or physicians or other person with expertise in infectious diseases.  A written decision from such person shall be obtained if possible (and if not, the Superintendent shall summarize the statement of said person) concerning the issues to be addressed by the employee's physician.  Any such reports shall be made available to the employee.


If the physician's statement indicates the health of the employee does not safely allow his/her continued attendance at work, the employee shall remain off work until the employee's physician verifies that the employee can safely return to the regular work environment.


The Acadia Parish School Board shall have the option of requiring a medical review from a physician of its own choosing.




All personnel shall be required to follow specific guidelines in the handling of body fluids in the school setting.  While the risk of infection may be low, contact with body fluids shall be minimized.  Employees who fail to use the precautions outlined in the guidelines for handling body fluids may be subject to disciplinary action.



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Acadia Parish School Board