It is strongly felt by the Acadia Parish School Board that teachers should stress the importance of citizenship responsibilities and the political rights of citizenship to each student.  For administrators, teachers and staff to be able to place strong emphasis on these areas, the School Board believes they should have the right to enjoy these privileges, free from any pressures and/or concerns. It is felt that all employees should be free to support candidates of their choice, exercising their own good judgment.  Therefore:



All personnel shall be notified that they must not be part of any activity relating to the campaign or election of any candidate for political office during office hours or while on duty, nor use any School Board facility for any such activity.  This includes, but is not limited to, making or soliciting contributions to campaign funds, or promoting any candidate by distribution of cards, pictures, handbills, clothing and pins, making telephone contacts, or in any other way during office hours or while on duty.  This requirement applies in every school of the system, department of the system and on school buses.



Any materials or equipment (for example, mailing lists, copy machines, etc.) owned or held by the School Board, or staff, shall not be made available to any group or individual without the Board's approval.



 It will be permissible to allow public forms or meetings to be held at school facilities as long as all interested persons, candidates, etc., are extended equal opportunity or representation at the forum or meeting.


All employees shall be informed of said policy provisions.  Violation of any aspect of this policy could subject the employee to disciplinary action, including suspension and/or dismissal.


The School Board states that the provisions of this policy shall apply during business hours or while an employee is on official Board business, and is not intended to interfere with personal time or affairs away from offices or school facilities in any way.



Ref:     La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยง17:81


Acadia Parish School Board