The Acadia Parish School Board believes that no otherwise qualified person shall, on the basis of disability, be subjected to discrimination in employment, promotion, demotion, transfer, or any employment-related function or process, under any program or activity in the Acadia Parish School System.


The School Board further believes that no student, parent or other citizen with a disability should be denied access to any program or activity, where reasonable accommodations may be made without imposing undue financial or administrative burdens, or where such modifications would result in a fundamental alteration in the nature of the program or activity.




The School Board, through its Superintendent or his/her appointed designee shall, upon receipt of written notification that an accommodation is needed to participate in the application process, to perform essential job functions, to receive equal benefits and privileges of employment, or that a person's disability would deny him/her access to a program or activity by or for the School Board, take steps to ensure that reasonable accommodation is made as required by law, or shall document that such accommodation would cause an undue burden.


Such documentation for reasonable accommodation or denial as an undue burden, shall include:


  1. A study of the particular job, program or activity to determine or confirm its essential functions and requirements.

  2. Results of consultation with an individual with a disability relative to his/her specific disability and perceived barriers and how such barriers could be overcome with accommodation.

  3. Identification and assessment of potential accommodations as to the effectiveness and cost of each recommendation as to who shall arrange for and/or pay for such reasonable accommodation, and/or reasons for notice of undue burden.

  4. In the case of decision not to hire or promote because of an undue hardship, such written documentation of reasons therefore shall be placed in the file of the applicant and maintained for an appropriate period.


Any denial or request for the making of reasonable accommodation shall be made in writing to the applicant.



Ref:    29 USC 794 (Nondiscrimination under Federal grants and programs)

42 USC 12101 (Title I, Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990)

La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยงยง23:322, 23:323, 23:324


Acadia Parish School Board