All public work contracts shall contain provisions authorizing the issuance of change orders within the scope of the contract.  The Acadia Parish School Board, in order to increase or decrease the amount of a contract after bids have been officially accepted by the School Board, shall require the approval of a change order.  Change orders amounting to $5000 or less per contract shall be allowed for emergencies with the approval of the Superintendent and staff.  A change order shall be submitted by the contractor to the project architect and upon his/her recommendation, such change orders shall be submitted to the Superintendent for his/her recommendation of action to be taken by the School Board.  If approved by the School Board, the Superintendent or designee, in consultation with the architect, shall put the change order into effect and make it a part of the official contract price.


All change orders shall be in writing.  Any change order outside the scope of the contract in excess of the allowable contract limit shall be let out for public bid.


Any change order pertaining to public work which is not required to be put out for public bid, shall either be negotiated in the best interest of the School Board or let out for public bid.  Where the change order is negotiated, the School Board shall require that said change order be fully documented and itemized as to costs, including material quantities, material costs, taxes, insurance, employee benefits, other related costs, profit and overhead.  Where certain unit prices are contained in the initial contract, no deviations shall be allowed in computing negotiated change order costs.



Ref:     La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยง38:2212

Board minutes, 6-6-94, 5-1-00


Acadia Parish School Board