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Upon retirement of any driver, consolidation of the route will be considered.  If the route falls within the top 10% (based on mileage) the Acadia Parish School Board will provide a bus.  If the route is to be filled, existing contract drivers may apply for the vacancy in the prescribed manner, as defined in state law and board policy.  If the driver is unable to provide his/her own bus, the School Board will provide one.


If a driver is unable to fulfill the requirement of his/her route due to the condition or age of his/her bus, they may request the Acadia Parish School Board to provide a bus.  Thereafter, the Board provided bus will remain on this route as will the driver who made the request.  If the route is ultimately assumed by a contract driver due to retirement (as indicated above), the Board owned bus will remain in the fleet on the route vacated by the driver assuming this route.



Ref:    Board minutes, 6-6-05


Acadia Parish School Board