The Acadia Parish School Board directs that each elementary, middle and high school shall have an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) on its premises in an easily accessible location.  Each school shall have the authority to accept donations of AEDs or funds to acquire AEDs.


Any expected AED user (those designated by the Superintendent or principal to render emergency care at that school) shall receive appropriate training in the use of AEDs from any nationally recognized course in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and AED use.  All training of personnel in the use of AEDs shall be fully documented.


The School Board shall notify a local provider of emergency medical services (such as a 911 service, local ambulance service, or fire department) of the acquisition, location, and type of any AED device.


This policy shall not create an obligation to use an AED, nor is it intended to create any expectation that an AED will be present or that a trained employee will be present and/or able to use an AED, if a condition arises making the use of an AED beneficial.


In addition to the civil immunity provided to persons rendering emergency assistance as provided by law, any person or entity which provides training in CPR and in the use of an AED and any expected AED user shall not be liable for any civil damages arising from any act or omission of acts related to the operation of or failure to operate an AED that do not amount to willful or wanton misconduct or gross negligence.




Any elementary, middle, or high school that sponsors an interscholastic athletic event shall have an AED and a trained AED user who is also trained in first-aid CPR at the event.


Each elementary, middle, and high school shall have a "cardiac emergency response plan". For purposes of this Subparagraph, a "cardiac emergency response plan" means a written document that establishes the specific steps to reduce death from cardiac arrest at an interscholastic athletic event.


A school cardiac emergency response plan shall be prepared by each principal jointly with local emergency responders.  The plan, which shall focus on preventing the loss of life, shall integrate at a minimum the following guidelines:


  1. Establishing a cardiac emergency response team.

  2. Activating the team in response to a sudden cardiac arrest.

  3. Implementing AED placement and routine maintenance within the school.

  4. Maintaining ongoing staff training in CPR and AED use.

  5. Practicing using drills.

  6. Integrating local EMS with the plan.

  7. Annually reviewing and evaluating the plan.




Schools shall be in compliance with all regulations for training, use and maintenance of AEDs as established by the Louisiana Department of Health.


New policy:  December 3, 2012

Revised:  November 15, 2018

Revised:  January 23, 2024



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยงยง9:2793, 17:81, 40:1137.2, 40:1137.3

Board minutes, 12-3-12, 11-5-18, 1-23-24


Acadia Parish School Board