Cf:  DJE





Equipment and supplies requisitions from the schools and Acadia Parish School Board Central Office personnel shall be submitted to the appropriate supervisor.  Such requests must include:


  1. Complete description of each item requested

  2. Suggested vendor and other information which would be beneficial in purchasing the item

  3. Originator of the request

  4. Funding source if applicable


The supervisor will review the requisitions to ensure validity.  If approved by the supervisor, fund code and account code numbers will be assigned and a purchase order prepared, if in excess of $300.00.  Purchases of less than $300.00 will not require the preparation of a purchase order; however, must include proper fund and account coding and supervisory approval.  Even though a purchase order is not required, such purchases must not exceed the budget.


Some grants may require purchase orders for all expenditures, therefore the $300.00 limits shall not apply.  Additionally, supervisors have the option to require purchase orders for amounts less than $300.00.


Purchases made from more than one funding source shall require a separate purchase order from each fund.


Each supervisor shall generate a purchase order and attach the requisition to the purchase order.  The purchase order shall be forwarded for review and approval to the appropriate Director for the department which made the request.  Upon approval by the Director, the purchase order shall be returned to the Supervisor for processing.


New policy (moved from policy DJE):  November 6, 2017



Ref:    Board minutes, 5-3-99, 11-6-17