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All schools/departments shall submit to the Warehouse Supervisor a list of excess items which have become obsolete or worn.  The list(s) shall be reviewed and circulated to all supervisors/principals for their possible use.  If no utilization can be found, all materials, supplies, equipment, and furniture shall be disposed of by one of the following methods.  The Warehouse Supervisor will determine which method offers the best advantage.



Conditions concerning sales shall be as follows:



Regardless of the method of disposition or value, every tagged item taken out of service must be reported to the Media Center so that fixed asset records may be accurately updated in a timely manner.




The life expectancy of most textbooks, depending on treatment and care, is approximately seven years.  As adoption and availability of funds permit the purchase of new series, the following procedure shall be used in disposing of textbooks and supplementary materials:


  1. Retain textbooks for six (6) months after new books are received to allow time for determination to be made concerning need of the old books within the parish.

  2. After six (6) months, old texts that are not being used may be donated to any public hospital, any jail or prison, or any public institution or an individual for private use, free of charge.

  3. All books that have not been donated may be sold to the debinding company contracted by the state.


The Louisiana Department of Education usually contracts with a debinding company by December of each year.  In order to dispose of old texts but also protect the environment and save resources and energy, the following steps will be taken to utilize the value of texts to a maximum:


  1. The School Board, through the Superintendent, shall determine which titles and quantities are eligible for disposal.

  2. A list of these titles and quantities shall be forwarded to the State Department by December 15.  By January 15, the Louisiana Department of Education will distribute the list to all schools.

  3. The Superintendent or his/her designee may request titles from another system to be transferred at the requesting system's expense by March 15.

  4. The School Board shall notify the State Department of quantities remaining for sale to the debinder by March 20.

  5. By April 1, the Louisiana Department of Education will establish a schedule for pick up, at one site in each school system during the month of April.

  6. The School Board shall maintain appropriate records on the above procedures for three (3) years.

  7. Payment received from the debinding company shall be added to the textbook fund.




When the School Board determines that an individual computing device used by a student or students has reached the end of its typical life cycle, is no longer needed for school purposes, and will be removed from classroom use, and that the best interest of the public school system would be served by the private sale of such device due to the cost of auctioning the device or recycling it or due to other factors, the School Board may sell the device to a student enrolled in a school in the school system or to the parent, tutor, or legal guardian of such a student.


The sale price for the device shall be reasonably equivalent to the value of the device, taking into consideration its typical life cycle, current condition, and costs of other methods of alienation or disposal.


All such sales shall be in accordance with School Board policies, and sale prices shall be approved by appropriate school system administrative personnel prior to sale.  Such sales shall apply only to individual computing devices used for classwork by students and shall not apply to other computer equipment or related equipment such as routers, switches, or servers.


Revised:  June, 2005

Revised:  January 14, 2013



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยงยง17:87.6, 38:2320, 49:125

Board minutes, 6-6-94, 3-7-05, 1-14-13


Acadia Parish School Board