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The Acadia Parish School Board shall establish and maintain a uniform procedure for the handling and accounting of admission fees charged for all school events, such as athletics or entertainment, whether such is assessed in advance or upon entering.  All such fees shall be controlled through the use of pre-numbered tickets.  The price of tickets shall be determined and set by each school.


Uniform procedures developed by staff shall be used for selling and collecting tickets to athletic and all other school functions when admission is charged, which shall include the following:


  1. Pre-numbered tickets on a continuous roll shall be used and a record kept of the tickets sold for all varsity football and basketball games, and for all sports' playoff games.  Ticket design and color choices shall be the option of the principal.

  2. Person(s) selling tickets may not also collect admission tickets.

  3. Beginning and ending ticket numbers shall be recorded in order to count the number of tickets sold.  Reconciliation of cash collections to ticket sales shall be performed for each sports activity.

  4. All payments made for athletic expenses shall be paid with a school check.  Cash shall not be used to pay any expenses.



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยง17:81


Acadia Parish School Board