JANUARY 26, 1998


The Acadia Parish School Board met in SPECIAL SESSION on this the 26th day of January, 1998, at 5:00 p.m., in Crowley, Louisiana, with President Myron Clark Hoffpauir presiding, pursuant to the following notice given in writing to each and every member thereof and duly posted in the manner required by law, viz:


January 22, 1998

 Dear Board Member:

By virtue of the authority vested in me by law by reason of the fact that it is deemed necessary, advisable, and to the public interest that the Acadia Parish School Board be called to special session; therefore, I, Myron Clark Hoffpauir, president of the Acadia Parish School Board, do hereby give notice that a special meeting of the said Board will be held at its domicile in the City of Crowley, Louisiana, on MONDAY. JANUARY 26. 1998. at 5:00 p.m., for the purpose of discussing, and, if deemed advisable, acting upon the following propositions, to wit:



and to transact any other business that may properly come before the Board.



s/s Myron Clark Hoffpauir, President Acadia Parish School Board


(Copies sent to Central Office Staff Members, Principals, News Media)


Members present for the special meeting were Lyle Johnson, Myron Clark Hoffpauir, Kitty Valdetero, Wadie Bias, Woody Marceaux, John Suire, Lynn Shamsie, John Quebodeaux, Roland Boudreaux, Rodney Trahan, Johnnie Smith, Charles Daigle, Shirley Vige', Robert McManus and Lynn Miller. Nolton Senegal was absent.


John Suire led the prayer and Pledge of Allegiance.


President Hoffpauir reviewed the letter calling for a special meeting to consider an alternative school.


Genevia Johnnie introduced members of the Alternative School Task Force. Members are Angie Wager, District Attorney's Office; Howard Melancon, APSB Special Education Department; James Proctor, Crowley Citizen; Ezora Proctor, Crowley Citizen; Sydney Mire, Crowley High English Teacher; Paula Cutrer, Rayne High Business Teacher; Julaine Stark, Estherwood Elementary Teacher; Anthony Emmons, Rayne Citizen; Antoinette Pete, Crowley Middle Instructional Assistant; A. J. Broussard, Crowley Citizen; Ken Goss, Acadia Parish Sheriff; Helen Schmaltz, Crowley High Assistant Principal; Mary Robbins, APSB Technology Supervisor; Linda Armstrong, Rayne High Teacher; Edwin Ray, Crowley High Special Education Teacher; Woody Marceaux, School Board Member; and Roland Boudreaux, School Board Member.


Ms. Johnnie thanked the committee for their efforts in preparing the recommendations to be considered by the board. Linda Armstrong began by describing the role of this Task Force. Mrs. Sydney Mire then provided an overview of the proposed operations at the alternative school. The board asked questions pertaining to the documents distributed. Some board members questioned the timing of the distribution of this document.


Mr. Edwin Ray presented the student eligibility and enrollment requirements, and daily operating schedule.


Mrs. Ezora Proctor presented the Task Force recommendations regarding, transportation, curriculum, instruction, and parental responsibilities. She and Ms. Johnnie answered questions of the board regarding these matters.


Mrs. Julaine Stark addressed the staffing needs and qualifications of the alternative school. Enrollment estimates were discussed, especially the suggested limit of 100 students.


Upon motion by Mr. Boudreaux, seconded by Mr. Shamsie, and carried by a unanimous voice vote, the board recessed at 6:30 p.m. for a 5 minute break.


Upon motion by Mr. Hoffpauir, seconded by Mr. Smith, and carried by a unanimous voice vote, the board reconvened at 6:40 p.m.


Mr. James Proctor discussed the five year strategic plan and goals as recommended by the Task Force. He and other Task Force members answered questions of the board.


Sheriff Ken Goss addressed the board, pledging the support of the law enforcement and judicial personnel in Acadia communities.


Ms. Johnnie gave some closing remarks, thanking the Task Force members for their efforts. She then fielded questions from the board about transportation and enrollment requirements. The board then discussed the overall concept of having an alternative school.


Dr. James updated the board on the recent developments regarding the acquisition of the Wal-mart property. Mike Leonards provided a chronology of events since November 1997. Dr. James indicated that a chance still exists to pursue a waiver of the ECR and complete the acquisition.

Mr. Kenneth Privat provided some legal background on this matter.


Mr. Johnson motioned and Mr. Quebodeaux seconded to cease negotiations with Wal-mart for the purchase of their vacant property.


At this point, Mr. Don Breaux provided information regarding renovation plans and costs approximately $692,000 for the alternative school. An additional $35,000 would be needed for furnishings.


Dr. James asked for the authority to pursue the matter to completion. Some board members suggested purchasing the property in any case, due to the value of the property. Others expressed concern about the escalating cost of renovations.  Still others suggested disbursing the school to various sites throughout the parish. Discussion continued. The question was called.


The motion failed by a roll call vote of 6 to 7.


YEA:      Johnson, Valdetero, Marceaux, Quebodeaux, Boudreaux, Trahan

NAY:     Hoffpauir, Bias, Suire, Shamsie, Smith, Daigle, Vige'


Dr. James will continue negotiations regarding the acquisition of the Wal-mart property. The meeting adjourned at 8:32 p.m., upon motion by Mr. Vige', seconded by Mr. Smith', and carried by a unanimous voice vote.


Myron Clark Hoffpauir, President