JANUARY 5, 2004


1)         The Acadia Parish School Board met on this the 5th day of January 2004, at 5:00 p.m., in a regular session, with President John Quebodeaux presiding.  Members present were Mrs. Ezora J. Proctor, Mr. Lyle C. Johnson, Mr. Lynn Shamsie, Mr. Roland J. Boudreaux, Mr. Gene Daigle, Mr. Shirley Vige’, Dr. Robert L. McManus, and Superintendent John E. Bourque, Secretary-Treasurer.


2&3)    Reverend James Proctor, pastor of First Church of God in Christ and former principal of Rayne High School, led the prayer.  Miss Kelly Rene’ Nelson, an eighth grade student at Crowley Middle School, led the Pledge of Allegiance.


4)         Consider approval of a revised agenda, if there are any changes.

Upon motion by Mr. Boudreaux, seconded by Dr. McManus, and carried by a unanimous voice vote, the agenda was revised by adding Discussion Item 1 (DISCUSS JANUARY 17 TAX PROPOSAL).  Upon motion by Mr. Johnson, seconded by Mrs. Proctor, and carried by a unanimous voice vote, Consent Item 5 (CONSIDER REQUEST FROM JUDY PATRICIA BAGGETT, TEACHER, ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL, FOR SABBATICAL LEAVE FOR THE 2003-2004 SPRING SEMESTER FOR MEDICAL REASONS) was added to the agenda.


5)         Read and approve minutes of the December 1, 2003, meeting.

Reading of the minutes of the December 1, 2003, meeting was dispensed with (copies of minutes were sent to each member prior to this meeting) and adopted as submitted, upon motion by Mr. Boudreaux, seconded by Mr. Daigle, and carried by a unanimous voice vote.




There were no actions to address.




1)         Consider a special meeting on January 26, 2004.

Upon motion by Mr. Boudreaux, seconded by Mr. Vige’, and carried by a unanimous voice vote, a special meeting of the Board will be held on January 26, 2004, to promulgate results of the January 17, 2004, election.  Only emergency items will be added to the special meeting agenda.


2)                  Hear an update on student enrollment. (Mr. Glynn Mayard)

Mr. Glynn Mayard provided an update on student enrollment trends, showing a slight increase for the first time since 1995.


3)                  Hear Attorney General Opinion regarding student use of cell phones.

Mr. Cal Simar addressed the Board and explained that the Board has the option of disallowing students to have a cell phone in their possession, or students may be allowed to possess cell phones but not use or operate them.  Upon motion by Dr. McManus, seconded by Mrs. Proctor, and carried by a unanimous voice vote, this matter was tabled until the January 26 meeting to receive more input.


4)                              Consider adoption of policies regarding students.

Upon motion by Mrs. Proctor, seconded by Dr. McManus, and carried by a unanimous voice vote, policy regarding students, except the cell phone policy, was approved.


5)                  Receive audit report for year ended June 30, 2003.

Mr. Greg Milton, auditor, presented the financial audit for FY ended June 20, 2003.  He explained changes in the report, made several recommendations, and answered questions of the Board.


6)                  Receive information regarding leasing of buses.

Mr. Ronnie Chaumont, coordinator, indicated that APSB is currently leasing two buses, on a short-term lease at a cost of $65 per day, to operate routes for two drivers who recently retired.  The APSB is only responsible for certified drivers and fuel.  He answered questions of the Board comparing leased buses to a driver owned buses.


7)                  Consider request to appeal the expulsion of a Rayne High School student.

Neither the parents nor the student was present to appeal expulsion of a Rayne High student.


8)                  Correspondence

Superintendent Bourque called attention to correspondence from the LSBA included in Board members’ packets.   




1)                  Discuss January 17, 2004, election.

Mr. Boudreaux reminded all employees that new sales tax funds will be exclusively dedicated for salaries and benefits of employees.  Superintendent Bourque added his comments regarding the upcoming election and pointed out that more teachers stayed in Acadia Parish this year, because the thirteenth check raised the salary of teachers to be more competitive with surrounding parishes.




Upon motion by Mrs. Proctor, seconded by Mr. Daigle, and carried by a unanimous voice vote, the following action was taken:


1)   New assignments and changes of professional employees were approved as submitted.

2)   The monthly sales tax report showing a year-to-date decrease of 31.64% was received.

3) Ms. Evelyn Byers, cafeteria manager, Ross Elementary School, was granted a leave without pay from November 1, 2003, to March 2004, for medical reasons.

4) Ms. Claudia J. Handy, site supervisor, Rayne Head Start, for leave without pay from November 1, 2003, to January 2004, for medical reasons.

5) Mrs. Judy Patricia Baggett, teacher, Alternative School, was granted a leave for sabbatical leave for the 2003-2004 Spring semester for medical reasons.




Superintendent Bourque reflected on the past year commenting on a smaller Board size, improved test scores, increased student enrollment, favorable audit, and the upcoming election.




President Quebodeaux spoke in favor the upcoming tax proposition and urged everyone to vote on January 17.  He reiterated that only employees would benefit from the sales tax. 




There being no other business to come before the Board, at 6:03 p.m., upon motion by Dr. McManus, seconded by Mr. Boudreaux, and carried by a unanimous voice vote, the meeting adjourned.


John H. Quebodeaux, President




Mr. John E. Bourque, Superintendent