SEPTEMBER 14, 2000


The Acadia Parish School Board met in SPECIAL SESSION on this the 14th day of September 2000, at 5:30 p.m., in Crowley, Louisiana, with President John H. Quebodeaux presiding, pursuant to the following notice given in writing to each and every member thereof and duly posted in the manner required by law, viz.:


September 5, 2000

Dear Board Member: By virtue of the authority vested in me by law by reason of the fact that it is deemed necessary, advisable, and to the public interest that the Acadia Parish School Board is called to a special session; therefore, I, John H. Quebodeaux, president of the Acadia Parish School Board, do hereby give notice that a special meeting of the said Board will beheld at its domicile in the City of Crowley, Louisiana, at 5:3012.m., THURSDAY,: SEPTEMBER 14, 2000. for the purpose of CONDUCTING AN OPEN MEETINGS LAW SEMINAR.



s/s John H. Quebodeaux; President Acadia Parish School Board


(Copies sent to Central Office Staff Members, Principals, News Media)

1)         Members present for the special meeting were Mr. Lyle C. Johnson, Mr. Bill Pinac, Ms. Wadie H. Bias, Mr. John A. Suire, Mr. John H. Quebodeaux, Mr. Nolton J. Senegal, Mr. Rodney J. Trahan, Mr. Johnnie L. Smith, Mr. Charles F.  Daigle, Mr. Shirley Vige', and Dr. Robert L. McManus. Members absent were Ms. Kitty M. Valdetero, Mr. Woody Marceaux, Mr. Lynn Shamsie, Mr. Roland J. Boudreaux, and Mr. Paul K. Bellon.


2&3)    Mr. Shirley Vige' led the prayer and Pledge of Allegiance.

4)         Upon motion by Mr. Johnson, seconded by Mr. Pinac, and carried by a unanimous voice vote, Item 1 a (CONSIDER ADDITIONAL TEACHERS AT CROWLEY MIDDLE SCHOOL AND CROWLEY KINDERGARTEN) was added to the agenda.



la)        Consider additional teachers at Crowley Middle School and Crowley Kindergarten. Superintendent James indicated that, due to class sizes at Crowley Kindergarten; an additional teacher is needed. Also; special education classes at Crowley Middle School are large enough to warrant an additional teacher. Upon motion by Mr. Johnson, seconded by Mr. Daigle, and carried by a unanimous voice vote, the Superintendent was authorized to hire two additional teachers

for these positions.

1)         Conduct an open meeting's law seminar.

President Quebodeaux introduced Mr. Mike Harson, District Attorney, who addressed the Board regarding the state's open meeting laws. He cited several instances where the Board's interpretations of these taws have come into question. Then he gave the rationale for taking the action for this meeting tonight.


Mr. Harson gave an overview of the most significant provisions of Louisiana's open meetings law and provided copies of this material to Board members. He indicated that executive sessions are the most common cause of open meeting violations He stated that minute of executive sessions should be maintained, but not made part of the public record. As District Attorney he has the right to discovery of what.was, discussed in a closed session.

Questions were asked by Board members throughout this, dialogue, and they were answered by Mr. Harson: He. suggested that local policy be revised to reflect the require two-thirds vote needed to go into an executive session. The Board thanked Mr. Harson for providing this informative discussion.


President Quebodeaux requested that a list of board members present be sent to the District Attorney. This was provided to the District Attorney after the meeting.



There being no other business to come before the Board, upon motion by Mr. Johnson, seconded by Mr. Pinac, the meeting was adjourned at 7:05 p.m.

H. Quebodeaux, President


Dr. Marietta W. James, Secretary-Treasurer